Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Characters I Want As My Classmates

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish where a different theme is posted each week and book bloggers respond. This week’s theme is: Back To School Freebie, where it's a bit more opened ended, as long as you tie your list into a school theme in some fashion.… Continue reading Top Ten Characters I Want As My Classmates

Book Review

The Desert Spear

So, I have some mixed feelings about this book. Second in The Demon Cycle, I was so jazzed to read The Desert Spear after tearing through The Warded Man. I fell in love with Arlen and his intense, moving journey--not to mention the other characters we followed through this vivid, fantastic world tainted by corlings. So infatuated was I by Arlen… Continue reading The Desert Spear

Book Review

The Warded Man

2009. That's the year when The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett was published. 2009. How long ago was that, you ask? Aside from the obvious mathematical answer of seven years, personally, it was back before I even graduated high school (and I'm a one-year college grad, now). It was before I got my first tattoo. Hell, it was… Continue reading The Warded Man