Book Review

Blood Requiem

The Nitty-Gritty Details  Title: Blood Requiem Author: Christopher Husberg Publisher: Titan Books, June 2018 Blurb: The Nine Daemons are on the rise. Once believed dead and gone, Daemons have found a way back into the world. But the only people who can withstand their assault are spread across the face of the Sfaera. Free at last from… Continue reading Blood Requiem

Book Review

Dark Immolation

This book. This freakin' book. If you read my review of Duskfall, you'd know I was a pretty big fan of that debut and its author, Christopher Husberg. I don't just call any book the best new book I read in 2016, yet Duskfall was, hands down, certainly that. Since reading it, I've have been eager to… Continue reading Dark Immolation

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday: Dark Immolation

Erlebnisse is still in the baby stages as far as book blogging goes. Part of my goals for this year is to really dedicate my time to all three of my blogs, but I've been really actively looking for new ways to spice up this blog in particular. So when I discovered, through the other… Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday: Dark Immolation