Big Announcement Time!

Hello, dear readers!

This post is going to be a little random and it might come as a surprise, but it’s something I’ve been mulling over for a long time and now that I’ve finally made a decision, I know it in my core to be the right decision.

This will be the last post here on Erlebnisse.

And by the end of September 2018, it will be deleted permanently.

Because I’m going to merge this blog with my main one!

If you’ve read my About Me page here (before I altered it to reflect this message, that is), then you know that Erlebnisse is my dedicated book review blog. Also on WordPress is Thoughts Stained With Ink, my main blog, which I’ve had for six years now. It covers my writing, my random musings, other random reviews (like video games or film) and emotional rants.

Originally, I separated these blogs because I worried about the content cluttering one another up. In other words, I worried that my book reviews would clash with my personal rants or that those who followed for my book reviews would be upset by posts that weren’t related.

But I’ve found, in the year that I’ve had Erlebnisse, that while I enjoy writing reviews and participating in memes and reviews so much, trying to manage content for two blogs at once is becoming a bit much. I believe it will be easier to keep it all in one blog, even if that makes the content less niche. Personally, I think, if you don’t want to read about my personal ramblings, then you don’t have to. If you don’t want to read my reviews, then don’t. Just read the posts that appeal to you! But for me, it’ll be easier to keep them together, not having to worry about double posting on each blog during the day, making sure to share the links, etc. etc. I’ll be able to post more consistently, keep my audience in one spot, instead of trying to balance two and generally just simplify things for myself.

I am so excited.

That said, I’ll obviously be making some changes for Thoughts Stained With Ink. Not only to I need to incorporate the book blogger aspects into it, but I also want to take this opportunity to build my brand a little bit, as a writer and an author. I’m going to be querying again in the coming months and I want publishers and agents to have an easy to find and easy to use website to connect me with; the full picture of me, random musing, books reviews, writing rants and emotional delves included.

So, starting today and then into this weekend, I’ll be upgrading to a premium membership at WordPress, putting together the new website and then leaving this one. The same content you’ve enjoyed or loathed here will be featured and written over at Thoughts Stained With Ink, so have no fears about that! Erlebnisse was a great stepping stone into getting my feet wet in the book blogging community and I have no intention of leaving it. Simply upgrading and simplifying life a little bit for myself.

Honestly, I expect myself to hammer out these upgrades pretty rapidly, so hopefully, by week, we’ll get back to our regular scheduled programming! But until it all gets sorted and completed, thank you for letting me be part of this community and please, come join me over at Thoughts Stained so we can continue the journey together!

Read on!

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