Welcome to Erlebnisse

Hello, friends.

Many of you might know me from my first blog, Thoughts Stained With Ink. Trust me, that blog isn’t going anywhere. The random musings and poor jokes that make it the glorious outlet that it is will continue. If you haven’t discovered it, feel free to take a peek! New visitors are always, always welcome. 🙂

Before I explain exactly the purpose of this blog–aside from the fact that it is meant to review the books I read–I think some back story is in order. I have a Goodreads account where I started to review books. Some reviews were as simple as, “This book is fantastic and you should all read it.” Some were quick thoughts while others (usually the books I reviewed as part of an internship) were much more “professional” or traditional, explaining what made the book fantastic through the plot, dialogue, pacing, voice and whatnot.

But I wanted to try and do a bit more, so I started posting reviews on my blog mentioned above, to go more in-depth than a simple blurb. I’ve only written two (and for the sake of not repeating myself across multiple blogs, I’ll post the links below, if you’d like to read them) but I quickly discovered that my reviews were forming a trend. So much so that I thought the reviews deserved a separate blog, so they don’t get lost amidst the various other posts I write, and readers who like reviews (probably like yourself) could easily access them. That’s not to say the reviews are so good they deserve their own blog–ha! Quite the opposite, actually, as my reviews hardly review the book at all (hence the tagline). I planned to title this blog “Review…ish” as that was the theme I adopted with the previous reviews, but then I stumbled upon something grand and something elegant: a word that described perfectly exactly what my book review blog was meant to do.


The definition is pictured below. It’s German, as far as my quick research can tell. You see, my book reviews touch on what traditionally make up a book review. Sometimes I’ll discuss the language or the pacing or the characters. Perhaps I’ll offer a paragraph on what exactly the plot of the book is, leaving it in a cliffhanger so you’re forced to read it. Perhaps I might even offer a spoiler or two, if I’m feeling truly edgy. But what I spend the most time doing isn’t explaining the mechanics of the book I’ve just read, but instead the experience of reading that book. How it made me feel, what the emotional roller-coaster ride was like. The back story of how I found that book and how it became so important to me; offering a potential glimpse of what reading it might look like for you and explaining why you should.

Because that is why we read, folks. We read to escape from the world we live in now and inhabit another, even if for only a few hours. We read to experience someone else’s life, their troubles, their adventures and for the duration that we read that book, we live alongside them. And, if the book is particularly awesome, those experiences, emotions and lessons live with us long after we leave the pages and close the cover. And that is what I want to capture in my book reviews, to help other readers find not only books, but experiences.

So that is Erlebnisse. Welcome. I hope you decide to follow along, if you enjoy the posts. I hope you comment and tell me if a review inspired a trip to the local library and what you thought about that particular book. Or, if you’ve already read it, that we can discuss it together (without spoiling it for other readers). I hope you comment and suggest books for my ever-daunting, never-ending, always-growing “To-Read” list. I hope you enjoy reading book reviews that do everything but review the books. Thanks for stopping by.

Read on.

PS: As far as the frequency of posts, I can’t promise how often I’ll post a review, to be honest. Some months, I’ll read a dozen books. Others, I might read one (like now, for instance. I’m currently trudging through Stephen King’s The Stand, which I started almost a month and a half ago. I plan to finish it soon, if for nothing else so I can post the first review to this site). I promise to keep it active, but I’m only human. Regardless of the frequency, I hope you enjoy the posts!

PPS: In case you want a taste of what exactly these reviews are going to be like, here’s two examples from my other blog:

The Broken Eye
My Lady Quicksilver


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